Surprising TikTok Celebrities With A $50,000 Custom Bus!

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I surprised customized a school bus then gave it to Tik Tokers! We also surprised a ton of subscribers with custom gifts!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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We even drew LilHuddy , Addison Rae , Charli D'Amelio , Dixie D'Amelio and more on the bus

  • ZHC


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    It’s fun surprising my friends but ultimately this helps me do more nice things for the community and people in need too since this all costs a lot of money! Hope you all understand that I’m not trying to flex or anything, I just love giving stuff to everyone and sometimes my friends too.
    Subscribe and I'll bring you on next time to win free custom items! Or I might just send you some :)
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      Michael Pennell

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      Can I get a ride



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      Mary Ann Janice Gatdula

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      You are shareful

    • Riz Manuelle Verra

      Riz Manuelle Verra

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      I like the donut wheels it was so cute🥰😊

  • Lizt Valladares

    Lizt Valladares

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    Zach 20 yrs later: Hey guys today im going to be suprising the aliens with a custom planet

  • Avery’s Videos

    Avery’s Videos



  • Zoe Parrish

    Zoe Parrish

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    ZHC: hey guys were gonna be customizing a brand new house for tiger woods! lol

  • Eduardo Estrada

    Eduardo Estrada

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    ZHC: Today were going to coustimize a whole state for the hype house

  • chloe creates

    chloe creates

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    I might move because I have seven siblings In total :/

  • LG


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    25 years later: Hey guys today we are customizing a new Jupiter for the universe!

  • Alexandra Demano Reyes

    Alexandra Demano Reyes

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    12 yrs later : Zach Surprising Ppl with a customized planet

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    sicaand her cerberus

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  • Nur Iqrra Ileeysha Isreen

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    I'm is TikTok get free I 90.000M

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    I drall to but not good

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    No subs NO! MANY

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    Zach should be apart the hype house because of how much he dose for them

  • Addison Shore

    Addison Shore

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    I like how you do the camera back but it was just like a filter

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    Irene Vargas

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    What a pure heart❤

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    Please!!! give me 5 iPhones please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Give me costumised iPhones please!!!!!!!)

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    😂😂😂omg when he walks in he nearly triped😂😂😂

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    I love it

  • Family Memories

    Family Memories

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    Dose something happens is ur 9 or something cuz I’m 9 ;-;

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    Isabel Cervantes Guevara


    3:47 me wen i go to my pool yeet

  • Isabel Cervantes Guevara

    Isabel Cervantes Guevara


    You should do the fortnite bus that will be sick!!!

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    Cordi Leigh


    R.I.P zachs favourite piar of shoes

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    i sub and like this vid

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    Y are all of your vids so perfectly edited

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    I sud

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    Johnny is such a mode he is like my fav

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    Are you rich but it’s a dumb question

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    you are so so so good at art

  • Federico Chiappini

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    i love your art

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    i want ipone

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    Who else wants to meet ZHC🤭

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    Again there not celebrities

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    Can I git a iPhone11 please

  • Ellen James

    Ellen James


    4:35 Well too bad

    some ramdom thing!!!!! 0v0

  • Frenzies



    The “Hype Bus”

  • Ana Celedon

    Ana Celedon


    You should make charli a car with donut wheels

  • Layla Price

    Layla Price


    even tho zhc is rich he doesnt show off how rich he is

  • Holly Rowland

    Holly Rowland


    I live in England and I admire your videos and they really make me want to keep on trying with the art that I can make thanks

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    Prokoksik3759 Pros

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    ZHC your copiing mrbeast

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    Anthony Handisides

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    And maybe can I have a custom Mac book plz

  • Anthony Handisides

    Anthony Handisides

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    Zach I love your vids

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    hype house: *pops the donut tires*
    ZHC: *crying*

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    I want a new iPhone12

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    👁 👄 👁

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    I am new here but I want to be just like you

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    I love how they add the big eye

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    5:00 русские ар ю хир?

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    love ittttt

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    Zhc is so cool😎

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    Zack in 20 years: hey guys today we are going to be customizing a new Sun to surprise the universe ;D

  • Kennedy Kemp

    Kennedy Kemp

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    Me: Can't even draw a dot
    ZHC: Draws on a whole entire school bus

  • Kennedy Kemp

    Kennedy Kemp

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    i like your logo

  • Kennedy Kemp

    Kennedy Kemp

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    also the bus looks great

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    ive ben subed sens u started ilove your vids

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    When you have 61M Dollars

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    Normal People: -Watching the video in amazement-
    Me: “wait- aren’t the poscas gonna run out?”

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    My favorite part of the bus being the mirrors

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    30 years suprising nasa with a new custom lab😹

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    People r staring at us.... 👁👄👁 what 👏👏👁👄👁 the 👏👏👁👄👁 heck👁👄👁👏👏 me normal to me

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    You got this next video should be drawing a picture on a car that has Michelle and Zach kissing

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    I am literally watching this well I am sick and stuck at home

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    Have you had you time with a Karen

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    Thats whats what I'm talking about

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    I love your guises edits

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    lol 0:12 "when your trying to be cool XD" he tripped

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    1 billion years later surprising the earth with a earth

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    I never get IPONE 12 max 😢😢😢

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    I love this😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

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    E and J Gaming

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    ZHC I was trying to tell you that if your pink marker exploded on your favorite shoes you can just color it teal and white

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    KaseyMaridee Feliciano

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    yo michelle is kind cause when she asked what they need she actually brought it

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    the day you made this video was the day after my birthday

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    Travis Scott De wish

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    Car fortnite

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    I sub and sub to mahra Alkaabi and ahmed Alkaabi and Saeed maktom Alkaabi

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    "Well to bad"

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    Marc Merbaum

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    Hello I’m a big fan me and my frined love painting we love you vids too I wish I could draw that it’s so so cool!

  • Cod master I will clap you

    Cod master I will clap you

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    ZHC has the best photo’s

  • Nahiara Torres

    Nahiara Torres

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    The part where he almost tripped on the bus got me 😂

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    love your vids i am in auckland...

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    Would you rather fall down your stairs and have your back hurt like hell or stay away and draw aa bus for a day and alittle bit off q night -.-

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    you side bebe to your friend

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    who else saw him trip getting onto the bus ahahahahahahhaahha

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    Im in sweden

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    2050 ZHC customizing a whole astroid

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    Dang I know that took long I don't have the patience lol!

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    I love it

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    I love you're guys videos
    And I subscribe to All