I Surprised Charli D'Amelio & LilHuddy With 10 Custom Louis Vuitton Bags!! 💼🎒 ft. Addison Rae

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    If this video hits 1 million likes I will literally give away 30 custom iPad Pros to you guys!
    I am going to be working on 50 iphone 11s next month!
    Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! 🥺👉👈
    I love all of you more than you will ever know❤️❤️
    I love seeing you and other people smile 😊😊
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    • Denneisha Clarke

      Denneisha Clarke

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      I need one plss

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      Can I win

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      Your the best i hope you become the most popular youtuber. I hope get one im not trying beg I know it is kinda mean

  • Itz Zoragacha

    Itz Zoragacha

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    Addison: how do I open this I’m not rich
    Also Addison at the time: has 50mil on Tiktok

  • Maye Dahuya

    Maye Dahuya

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    I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me I've been subscribers For over 3 years. It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safe

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    not quite ten but nevermind

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    Amena Moni

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    I'm actually a friend of addison rae on instagram

  • Meglamoos



    Addison:I’m not rich
    Me:what about ur house what’s about ur car what about your LUCKKKKK LIKEEEEE EEEE

  • Cassy P

    Cassy P


    it's fantastic awwwwwwwwww ik love youuuuuuu

  • Everything By Mak

    Everything By Mak


    I’m so not rich I’ve never even seen these items 😂

  • What What what?

    What What what?


    Me finds 1,700
    Zhc has 100000000000000000000000

  • La Gaul

    La Gaul


    What Addison who Addison

  • Engla Boije

    Engla Boije


    im coming from sweden like pewdiepie

  • paige k

    paige k


    I are nearly all of them some sort of monster

  • Quinten Wien

    Quinten Wien


    ZHC 5 years later: surprise NASA whit a custument rocker

  • Love jamiana Queen 15.Latham

    Love jamiana Queen 15.Latham

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    Hi are you guys in. New Zealand

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    fear 758

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    u don't customize them bro...u just make them look fake

  • Hayley Freeman

    Hayley Freeman

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    My name is Louis

  • 2 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I love your chanel

  • Hannah Campos

    Hannah Campos

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    Did you just buy on my moms job🤣🤣

  • Timber Kallio

    Timber Kallio

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    Addison:I’m not rich,idk how to open this........one year later:SUPRISE SHAWTAYYY💰💰💰💰💰💰

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    Maria Johnson

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    Are you asian

  • scarlett and izzy fun channel

    scarlett and izzy fun channel

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    When your call is froze but not tik tok

  • Vickie Czubek

    Vickie Czubek

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    Michelle just wanted a handbag...

  • Addison and MY BFF 385

    Addison and MY BFF 385

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    And I hope you do mine please a gift for me but actually I’m a kid who has a lot of followers but I hope you’re still a toy I’m just a kid but I already have a tablet well you don’t have to do it if you want

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    Morgan Pellerin

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    anyone else noticed what the hype house pillows said hahaha

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    Yolanda Luna

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    ZHC are somo so dinero so are so osm

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    Emily Dennis

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    I adoreeee how addi is so grateful
    its so cute

  • Lily Gaxiola

    Lily Gaxiola

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    Who else noticed chase was wearing a billie eilish beanie?

  • Ximena Diaz

    Ximena Diaz

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    You guys should do an asmr video with all the satisfying sounds :)

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    Can I have a giveaways

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    William Bourassa

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    Go to 6:45

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    where did u see draw like that

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    علياء مهدي

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  • Alysiaplayz with Pauly

    Alysiaplayz with Pauly

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    I Showed my mother......she was so empresses ZHC.....wonderful job 🤗

  • Aahana Kaur

    Aahana Kaur

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    Jow are h not a artis working in a art museum

  • Clint Spruce

    Clint Spruce

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    Is Michelle brothers and sister with zack

  • Clint Spruce

    Clint Spruce

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    Your are funny sometimes

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    Lyla Wells

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    how does he afford-

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    Tanner Reynolds

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    I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    The samba bag lol

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    CarlP Sims

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    To be honest on lil huteys he should of put no one out pizzas the hurteis



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    Chase is so flipping cute

    Pls don’t judge me

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    teresa baltazar

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    Can you please have a can
    I please have that on the

  • Jennifer Morales

    Jennifer Morales

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    I like your videos and can you do a video about you a painting a toy

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    This is awesome

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    I just love how you include so much youtubers

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    I'm not allowed to subscribe so all I can do is type happy things and like the video

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    Had anyone noticed the pillow in 6:15 Say the f word?

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    Tae Tae

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    when is Michelle's birthday?

  • Tae Tae

    Tae Tae

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    This dude is going to be customizing the world someday 👉👈

  • Oyedoyin Aminat Ibraheem

    Oyedoyin Aminat Ibraheem

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    Honestly I would have died if it was bad art bc that some voton but ITS THE BEST

  • Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl

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    I love u guys and you have the best art skills

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  • IM-clapz


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    Addison says she’s not Rich like tf

  • Ayşe Hanzade

    Ayşe Hanzade

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    ZHC gets in Louis Vuitton:I wou-
    Louis Vuitton employees:Just take the whole store we REALLY don’t care seriously.

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    i love your blue hair

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    Me pliz

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    Michel is soo sweet

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    Michelle is so cute

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    I'm alive but I'm dead

  • Shin Jendrick Cuntapay

    Shin Jendrick Cuntapay

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    Papaya is Julia ugh kitchen Julia Kodak kitchen knows M.D.lipid 9

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    ZHC custom is GOOD

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    The lonely chicory subjectively squeak because use nomenclaturally bump including a green grey grieving pot. languid, typical fly

  • Rubee Chapple

    Rubee Chapple

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    Zhc in 2 years : I'm going to customise the whole world

  • Oscar Jauregui-Bueno

    Oscar Jauregui-Bueno

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    Michelle is lucky she got early birthday present mine is on may 25 and idk if we are going to celebrate it because of the pandemic:(

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    Keily Ramos

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  • Sophiayuetongzhai


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    I love how ZHC uses his money and he goes wild.
    *his bag that he bought*

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    Marwa Khattabi

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    its the AAAAAAAAAAH for me Addison

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    oh my god so cute

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  • Simply Olivia Yt

    Simply Olivia Yt

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    In 15 years: hey guys today we will customizing world



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    the way zach become soft i-

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    Can I pls get a normal nintendo switch with a sunset on it

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    Y'all is so nice

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    I love you (ZHC)♡♡♡

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    Zack you are so cool

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    Ov so kjut bjurifolll

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    What type of pens do you use

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    Title: 10 Video: 6

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    I feel like subscribing to you every single time because of your amazing talent

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    Chases hat is amazing

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    I wonder if they still use it in 2021 now 😂

  • ducci on quacc

    ducci on quacc

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    dixie is so unappreciative

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    did anyone notice that the addi bag and the dixie bag was switched



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    here is the picture

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    Congratulations for 20 million subscribers

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    i want a i pad pro ;o

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    "how do I open this, i'm not rich"

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    I want a Samsung

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  • Weirdoness😜


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    No one:

    Not a soul

    Not even hermione Granger:

    Me: doing the renegade to the music at 3:30

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    More infinite list

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    Mariel Dahuya

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    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥

  • Mariel Dahuya

    Mariel Dahuya

    9 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥